Live classes are held twice a year.

1. Every April

2. Every September

This way we avoid the wintery season... 

Classes are held on Sundays only 11:00am to 1:30pm.

Unless the Miami Dolphins are playing, then we might get out early.

For more information simply call

or send a text message to:


OH Yeah Cost....!!!

There is no fee to attend the first class = FREE

The standard $1,000 fee includes everything you need and some things that you will find helpful.

Such as resume writing assistance, interviewing skill assessment, employer hiring opportunities, free CEU seminars, meet and greet opportunities with other sterile processing professionals and more.

As sated early, there is no fee to attend the first class. If you wish to stay workout a payment plan with our bursars’ office that meets your needs. Not ours.

***Special Note: Bring a friend and save $100 on tuition cost. Bring 2 friends and save $200, Bring 3 and save $300 and so on and so on and so on... get 11 and you attend the class for free and I will be paying you $100, bring 12 and I will pay $200 and so on and so and so on… unlimited (True)....


The Berwyn Kelley        Institute of Learning

Professional Sterile Processing Education