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Carmen Kelley, MSN, BSN, RN

Vice President and Nursing Consultant

Moriah Corry, 


Chief Information Officer

Welcome to the Learning Center!

Stan Szczepanik, 


​Chief Financial Officer

The Berwyn Kelley        Institute of Learning

Professional Sterile Processing Education

Geround B. Kelley, CBSPD, NP, MBA

Sterile Processing Content &

Operations Manager

Our Staff

Berwyn Kelley, CSPDT, MBA

President and CEO

Our Mission is simple:To create learning success stories, one student at a time.


Since we've opened our doors to the public in 2014, The Berwyn Kelley Institute of Learning has been helping students fulfill their sterile processing potential. We developed this organization to to not only assist sterile processing professionals, but to help them grow in the Healthcare field as well. Our students have become Lead Techs, Supervisors, Managers and Directors. Some of my student have inspired to further their education and become Registered Nurses, heads of Material Management divisions and more.

Our partnership with you does not end after you pass your nationals... Nope, it is just beginning...